Race facilities

Aid stations – At every kilometre, there is an aid station with water.

Baggage Counter – A Baggage Counter will be available at the Holding Area. Please note that baggage / personal belongings are accepted at the sole risk and responsibility of the Owner. The Organisers are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of any such acceptance an storage.

Medical – Basic medical support including first aid and an ambulance are available at the Holding Area. Physiotherapy care is also available for minor aches, pains and cramp issues.

Parking – There is no parking facility available in the vicinity. Use of taxi or public transport services is recommended.

Recovery Centers – In order to avoid injury and reduce post race fatigue, participants can visit the recovery centre to stretch and rewind.

Refreshments – All participants & their parents/guardians who have purchased refreshment coupons will be served nutritious refreshments after the race.

Timing – Timing Mats are placed at key points along the race route. Please ensure that you cross every timing mat to ensure a proper race result.

Toilets – Toilets are available at the Holding Area

Volunteers – Volunteers along the course, will guide, direct and cheer participants on race day.

Warm Up – Participants are encouraged to participate in warm-up sessions being conducted prior to race kick-off.